View Full Version : The Brothers Pi(i)

02-22-2012, 08:48 PM
Dear Father,

We are well, and are doing our best to make you proud.
Your many lessons have served us well as we work our way towards family greatness.

Together we have found a home in the 'Popular' Fire Birds stable, and are fighting among the Gladiator 'Elites'.
Our ranks do not yet bring the family the honor it rightly deserves, but we are progressing with the zeal and fearlessness you instilled in us both.

Brother Chrispii, having fought 50 matches, is 46-4-3 and shows your great stamina and determination out working almost everyone in the arena.
I, having fought 52 times, sport a 49-3-4 record, and much prefer to showcase our great family power and crush opponents as fast as possible.

Together we are 95-7-7 and will continue to fight, train, and honor the family.

With Regards,
Brothers, Chrispi & Chrispii