View Full Version : Specialities of the top 121 gladiators

01-23-2012, 12:24 PM
Im a little bored today so i decided to do a little count. I went through these brackets: primus, maximus, blood gods, warlords, pit lords. Thats a total of 121 gladiators. just to many to count in the legends and down, sorry.

58 of those gladiators use the Rage speciality, so the trend from the very top goes further down.

30 gladiators use the War speciality, so there are some up and coming War gladiators out there, or maybe its just some veterans hanging out in the pit lords and never been able to move up.

31 gladiators use the Theatrics speciality, and i play 13 of them. ;)

primus(5) 1 rage, 3 war, 1 theatric

maximus(23) 11 rage, 4 war, 8 theatrics

blood gods(23) 14 rage, 2 war, 7 theatrics

warlords(26) 18 rage, 4 war, 4 theatrics

pit lords(44) 14 rage, 19 war, 11 theatrics

01-23-2012, 12:31 PM
Wow so few warriors, my two teams break down to 4 rage, 5 war, 1 theatrics for myself.