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LegaultKoneko V
05-20-2018, 08:16 AM
Hello everyone i am LegaultKoneko V master of the Koneko Stable~ though my account will say that i am old (mainly because i just made an account around that time and then never done anything with it) i still like to consider myself as a new person on PoW mainly because i never get past amatures ranking once i hit it and the fact that once i start losing around 100 times with my children (what i like to call my gladiators for whatever reason) i tend to restart my account.. which allowed me to mass a good amount of gold and trophies.. however i mainly got bored of that as i started to slowly realize on how very.. abusive it is though probably not as broken i personally think it is BUT i now tend to fully focus on climbing the rankings no matter the results now with these two new children that i have adopted in what i will consider my last account abuse reset. If by chance the mods here and the devs of PoW find that my old actions of constant account reseting to mass gold and trophies to have been a problem or a breach in terms and wish to issue a sort of punishment on me i will not fight it nor complain. Anyway once again Hello from a old yet noobish stable master that is myself and i hope i have some great battles within the arena and pits with everyone here.

Please go easy one me~