View Full Version : Endurance drain buffed?

02-09-2017, 07:58 AM
The last time i used a endurance drain shadow he doesn't drain as much endurance as my new one, there stat difference isn't that much so i ignor the buffed stats for new glads. after all primus is now full with new HoL glads.

he does drain a "huge"... chunk of energy after uncanny dodge, more as it did in the past. please confirm that change!

entangle energy drain after a new round is also more than in the past.

spectral touch is unchanged as it seems.

shadows are stil miles away from draining a trixster, had no chance to test the draining vs lahir and all eastgate trixsters :( only in pit fights and there i could only draing 50% of the energy befor losing.

i didn't build my shadow for energy drain, therefore my strategy is not tweaked for that purpose and im yet losing every fight against "gray wraith" in a draining match. I'm just happy that they are buffed or do better than i remember at least :)

please let me know if im over seeing something trivial or you guys noticed the change too.

02-09-2017, 08:45 AM
For me it looks too difficult to measure "pure" Endurance draining during the round:
-- When an opponents trying to do an attack, he loses a bit of Endurance;
-- When he catch a hit (or even avoids it), he loses Endurance too. // And in this case these losses depends on attacker's weapon weight, as it seems;
// It's true for any specialty and for both of gladiators. But depends also on their styles/activity/etc.
-- When an opponent under Entangle, his Endurance spending is more than usual;
-- When he is trying to remove that effect (at the start of each round), he loses Endurance too (as it seems).

So, i see no method to do a correct calculation for Endurance-draining Shadow.

But in general, i "feel" that the Shadows a bit more "powerful" than earlier.
// Or, to be more correct, they are a little less "helpless". ;)
But my new experience just about Maximus/Primus border. Not the BG. Let's see...

// I have a sad assumption that we are have a general S&M buff now, not the buffs for some skills...