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10-30-2016, 04:22 PM
In case anyone hasn't seen the Trixter skills yet:

Blades, Axe/Mace, Exotic

Cheap Shot (Int, Agi, Pres) – Activated (Offense) - Playing by the rules is for suckers and saints, your gladiator is neither! It’ll be hard to use defensive skills when the attack is unexpected!

Shank (Int, Agi) – Activated (Offense) – Your gladiator will get in close and ram a cruel piece of iron deep into their enemy. Done right and their doctor will have plenty of injuries to heal!

Dirty Tricks (T)(Int, Agi, Pres) – Activated (Defensive) – Why have your gladiator fight fair when they can fight dirty? Winning is all that matters anyway right? Your gladiator will stop their opponent in his tracks and blind them with a shower of sand and other goodies to the face!

Unseen Strike (Int, Agi) – Activated (Offense) – Always looking to attack out of nowhere, your gladiator will use their unique ability to strike out at hidden and near impossible angles!
Foul Play (Int, Agi, Pres) – Activated (Offense) - Is it really foul play if it wins you the match? Your gladiator will sneak “interesting” liquids and powders into the arena and expertly unleash them on their enemies when the time is right. Enjoy watching your gladiator’s opponent labor with each breath as the toxins course through their viens!

Armor Movement

Taunt – (T) (Int, Pres) – Passive – Jokes, insults, witty comments, physical comedy – your gladiator has them all! It’ll be hard for your gladiator’s opponent to attack and defend effectively when frustrated and all the arena is laughing at them!

Vanish (Int, Pres, Chi) – Activated (Defensive) – Your gladiator will disappear in a puff of smoke leaving their enemy swinging at nothing…and possibly leaving them open to an unseen attack

Trick Shot (T) (Str, Int, Pres) – Activated (Offense) – A swift hit to the right place can bring down the mightiest of gladiators! Laugh and smirk as the power to do harm drains out from your gladiator’s opponent!

Feign Weakness (T) (Int, Pres) – Passive – If the Great Realm had a trophy for best actor in a gladiatorial play, your gladiator would surely win! Pretending to be weak and favoring one leg or arm over the other, whimpering, begging for mercy, your gladiator knows all the tricks to get their enemy to lower their guard and forego using fancy attacks and skills when they can easily bring your gladiator six feet down with little effort!


Unfair Advantage (T) (Int, Pres, Chi) – Activated (Defensive) – With a series of moves and tricks, your gladiator knows how to confuse and confound! When the opponent is flustered and unsure of what just happened, your gladiator will have already stolen some of his attacks and be in the process of unleashing them!

Cheating Bastard (T) (Int, Pres) – Passive – A master Trixter has accumulated a number of tricks to turn the tide in any fight and has learned one of the best ways to ensure a victory is to cheat! A hidden vial here, a powder filled pouch there…at the end of each round your gladiator will make sure their health and endurance don’t fall prey to the natural path of decline that the other chumps on the sands suffer from!

Offensive: Cheap Shot, Shank, Unseen Strike, Foul Play, Trick Shot, Entangle
Defensive: Dirty Tricks, Vanish, Unfair Advantage
Passive: Blades, Axe/Mace, Exotic, Armor Movement, Taunt, Feign Weakness, Cheating Bastard

10-30-2016, 04:42 PM
Icons, if You wish:

http://pitofwar.com/images/_Icons/Light_Armour_Movement_locked.jpg // (sic!) Its name "Light_Armour_Movement" exactly. Its explain the types of available armor.

11-01-2016, 08:04 AM
At level 13 Trixters open fighting style counter attack.

11-03-2016, 06:22 AM
At level 18 Trixters open new fighting style Wall of steel. ''When using Wall of steel, your gladiator will keep his weapons in constant motion, attacking and defending at the same time.''

11-03-2016, 07:23 AM
so theatrics are the only class that has no unique fighting style anymore? :( since counter attack is also a trixster style :(

11-04-2016, 02:14 PM
There's no something terrible.
Most of theatrics works with slash/lunge. With a knives. Not with counter.
It's strange. I will try to be more clear: Every "class" works with his own style, except Theatrics.
Wars works via Tank/Parry (own) style
Rages works via Berserk (own) style,
Slayers works via (I forget, what its name... "Shot?") and its their own style.
Even Shadows works via "Shadow Dance" etc.

Only Theatrics can work using only Slash/Bash/Lunge (Common styles!) and by happy... (It means Theatrics overpowered a bit. Not with a style. But generally.)

About 15 percent of Theatrics are know how to use their own style. On my statistic.
So, why this style can't be moved into other ... area?
Because this style, i swear, very complex and very interesting.

Power-counter for Theatrics. Agi-counter for Trixter. What's bad?

11-05-2016, 03:39 PM
i'm just a bit salty about the whole unique style thing because trixster got allready there own unique fighting style.
But!!! after looking over trixster skills there is some use for counter attack :)

Is someone going the full defensive route with all def skills and passives with shank, trick shot and entangle for more damage reduction and bad condition?
Okay, it's to soon to ask for basic trixster builds,but maybe a basic feeling about usefull skills and is "wall of steel" style a more defensive version of "counter attack" ?

11-05-2016, 03:43 PM
Wall of Steel is definitely not primarily a defensive style...more like a boost to # of attacks and defense at the cost of major endurance burn on par with Berserking for Rages.

As for the pure defensive Trixter...I've got one in the works :cool:

11-05-2016, 09:48 PM
Defense. Counter... It's hard with light armor.
Power Theatrics have at least medium armor to be "defensive". And even with this armor it's hard sometimes to stand on the feet. When You catch a Rampage, for example.
These Dirty Tricks, Vanish, Unfair Advantage must be very useful to stand. I mean.

Or, perhaps, we need the Blazing Speed on the Shadows tree... Let's see. :)