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04-04-2011, 04:29 AM
Hi ! Started playing pit of war couple days ago and found myself wondering of how many of you guys buy trophies for real money and is it possible to reach high end competition in this game without spending real money ?

04-04-2011, 05:03 AM
Everything you need to reach the upper level of competition can be gained through the game itself, albeit at a slower pace then those who choose to support the game and buy trophies. It's a time vs money trade-off and as you play more you'll be able to decide how you wish to progress.

Welcome and good luck in the pit!


04-04-2011, 06:19 AM
You can compete but it takes a lot longer. I started a new team called Bankrupt, using what I learned the first time. It turned out to be at a good time since there have been a lot of sales and other special events that have let me use my limited trophies wisely. I have not bought a single trophy and I never will. It's just that you have to take it slow. I have only 2 gladiators and have been saving up my trophies to get a third. Here's some tips:

- Use the bank every single day. You can buy 1 trophy a day for 150 gold. Do it. EVERY DAY. Seriously. This is really important.
- Use sales. Right now the Chamber of Power section (Where all the purple gear is) of the blacksmith is only 2 trophies to get in AND the items in there can be bought with gold alone. This may not last but it is a great opportunity to equip low level gladiators for cheap. That said...
- Don't waste trophies needlessly. Without spending money you cannot afford to use trophies on scouting reports, or buying another fight in the tavern or black market. They need to be saved for important things like equipment and opening up new warrior slots and vault slots. Don't go into the blacksmith looking to spend trophies unless you have enough to buy multiple things. Even at the current price of 2 trophies to get in the Chamber of Power you cannot afford to waste them. Save up until you can buy enough gear to make it worth your while. And the lower level the gladiator the less trophies purple gear costs. Equipping a level 1 guy right now is pretty cheap.
- Warrior churn. Don't be afraid to sell a gladiator when he moves up too much. Since without money I cannot buy new equipment constantly, I can't keep up with all of the top level guys. Also once your warrior has been around a while, he starts to be worth some trophies in addition to gold when you sell him. Eventually I plan to have higher level gladiators. I just cannot right now because I know they will lose too much. Eventually when I save up enough trophies and vault space to keep high level gear for someone I will try my hand at the higher end.
- Styles. I would focus on one fighting style. Because when you get a new guy you can give old good equipment to him. You only start with 1 vault spot though, I would recommend passing down the weapon you use. A good weapon is vital and can make up for other deficiencies. I like Rage and War. I have trouble with Theatrics. I think they need good gear more than the other 2 and I don't have the trophies to spare. Theatrics do earn more gold though with that one skill of theirs. So if you can master them, it might be something to consider.
- The bank has links to TrialPay to earn trophies for signing up for stuff. Obviously most of this stuff costs real money, but take a look anyway. If it was something you planned to sign up for anyway you might as well get some free trophies out of it! I have only tried the survey stuff and it has not worked out well for me.

In the long run you can compete. Sure, a guy with overflowing pockets can jump right up to the top, buy all his skills and stat increases, purple himself out the butt, and kick butt for a long time. But there is a cap on skills and stats. Everyone will reach both eventually. I would not be surprised if some of the big spenders have reached the caps already.

04-04-2011, 08:59 AM
Your answers are most apreciated, thank you :)