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12-09-2013, 10:50 PM
Hi all,

I was thinking..there's a sort of formula to balance Activity and Bloodlust?

also, what lvl of activity is fine for an high agility?

can you also give some examples?

thank all

02-22-2014, 10:26 AM
i to would like and kind of a glad type v activity/ bloodlust kind of formula, as well as agility vs attack power. u know what why arent there just threads for stats themselves what each one does how it effects ur glad what equipment stats do. i have seen no direct thread to stats and the information how they relate in this game i want stats for stats, STAT! lol jk but yeah.

02-24-2014, 03:28 AM
I've tried low on both, high on both, high on one and low on the other, and it seems best to keep both numbers at least a six or above after you've hit like level thirty on up. If your character is passing out before the fight is over, do a little less activity, remember that certain things like counter attack, tank, kill shot, and parry take less endurance, so setting the activity level higher for these is best. And things like berserk, lunge, bash, and slash take more, so a lower number is usually better.

I like to keep my bloodlust 1 or 2 points away from my activity, when using berserk, lunge, bash, and slash I find it better to have the bloodlust higher than the activity, and lower for the other options, counter attack, tank, kill shot, and parry.

If your missing all the time, little less blood lust might be the answer.

Don't forget your gear has a lot to do with what you decide, i mean if you have a 50 percent encumbrance you'll want either a defensive fighting style with a higher activity, or else a offensive style with lower activity, depends on your weapon as well, if you have a two handed weapon, but all super heavy equipment this would be proper, but if your duel handed weapons you'll want to get your weight lowered in this situation.

Your skills factor in as well, i mean when you read them, some are more passive, some are more aggressive, some are more defensive, this helps determine how fast your character can and should move on the battlefield. To give you exact numbers to use is about impossible.

Another little thing to consider is just because you have five fighting slots doesn't mean you need to use them all, if you have a more active character, high agility and stamina with low encumbrance, you'll probably want to keep that character on a one to three way track in a fight, so your not constantly switching styles during battle, but a slower character you'll want more bursting actions.

Letting you know though, I'm not even close to a pro, and the pro's will probably read this post and laugh to themselves at something really important I'm missing, but whenever I asked a question similar to this my answers were, keep experimenting and good luck. Not in those words of course, but may as well have been.

But I'm pretty sure keeping activity and bloodlust 6 or above, with bloodlust no farther than 2 points from activity level is good advice.... i hope, cuz that's what i been doing.

Alba Kebab
02-27-2014, 09:17 PM
Not many players want to answer this question because this is the "trade secret" part of the game, and honestly, this is where everyone might do things differently so there is no real universal "correct answer".

But I guess some general advice can be helpful for new players:
1) 10/10 is not recommended for the same reason 1/1 is not recommended.
2) Sometimes, 10 isn't the best number. Sometimes.