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08-12-2013, 03:16 AM
So, as you may have noticed I started playing this game 5/6 days ago.

I read more or less everything in the forums and there is one major question I have. Its about the attributes. From what I read / saw / encountered myself I know the following.
Except being helpful with the skills they are in charge for, of course:

Strength: It gives you some HP (I read this here somewhere, I think), it helps you carry heavier stuff and it highens your damage with all weapons.
Intellect: It helps you activate all active skills.
Agility: It helps you attack more often.
Stamina: It gives you some HP (Same as Strength), it helps you carry heavier stuff and it gets you higher endurance.
Size: It gives you a lot of HP, it helps you carry heavier stuff.
Presence: It helps you attack first in a round (Also read this somewhere), it helps you not get killed yourself and it helps you kill your opponent.
Chi: It helps you with doing crits (Chance?) and with the damage ?

The thing I read somewhere was like Strength gives 4HP, size 8HP and Stamina 2HP, but I cant remember, where it was.
About Chi I am generally really unsure, someone said it helps with everything related to crits, so ...

If anyone of you knows more dto clarify / sees a thing missing or something wrong: Please tell me :)

Thor Odinson

08-12-2013, 04:44 AM
chi increases chance of crits. it's also the bigger factor in how much you crit for. think of it as being a factor in the damage multiplier, while strength governs base damage

Chi also factors somewhat into how well your glad performs when blinded.

08-12-2013, 05:00 AM
I think INT also determines how you fare when disarmed (increases your chance of instantly picking your own wep back up, rather than trying to fist fight an armored tank or makes that 2h rage not pick up a dagger or kris and attempt to bash with it :P)

Strength is all about base damage and muscles (ask Ahhnold!) but as Nate has said before, STR and AGI play different roles in the damage of certain weapons. He never really clarified this, but common sense may apply (such as: high agility will make a dagger or rapier more effective, while strength will definitely make a huge hammer or axe more effective) certain weapons may have different modifiers for both stats.
Note: I have never attempted to test this and I may be completely wrong.

Stamina also helps you train up your attributes (each attribute can be trained up to rank 10)

Agility increases your defense and initiative as well (I think)

Guess that's all I can add, for now at least :P

08-12-2013, 06:19 AM
Ah, yes, forgot the Defense from agility and the help in training from Stamina, I actually knew these 2, they just didnt show up at the right moment in my brain XD
Both is stated in the description, my bad

Stamina helps with training attributes, Intellect helps with training skills, so far so good :)

And thanks for the info with the picking up weapons, makes sense too, ill add it.

For the different weapons: Well, I would guess it works like the following: Each weapon has shown 2 or 3 attributes with it. (We can see them in the skill page if hovered over a weaponskill) The weapon will deal more damage based on these attributes. THEN strength is applied, as one would imagine more strength means harder hits ^^
So if a 2H is used: intellect, stamina and strength will be taken into account and then strength again, so the gladiator would benefit a lot more from strength than if he would use blades, which take intellect and agility and only then strength. At least thats what I think and what would make sense.

///Khorne: Thanks for the info with the blinded fight, makes sense actually ;)

What I forgot now was LUCK: Nate said it will help with finding other weapons when the own one dropped ^^ Not sure if there is anything else.