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06-30-2013, 01:48 PM
Hey guys I would like to share my story with you. The story about who I was and why I am here now. You will probably wonder what I am doing here considering that once I was a guard captain in a High Temple and now I train slave scum and warriors wannabes. This is my story.

I lived in a Land far away. It was made up of city states. Each city had a certain trait or specialty. Erath was responsible for most trade and all the prominent merchants lived there. Straot on the other hand had been know to train the best warriors fearless beasts that knew no pain and only craved blood. The city I lived Hetherlathan was the holy city. It had all the greatest temples dedicated to our gods. I had been given the honor to become a captain of the guard for the temple of Adiwitko the good of Wine and Lust. Even that I was not on great terms with this entity I had agreed with the elders that it is not my decision to make but the orders from the gods.

Foolishly we had all thought that we are safe from the barbarians outside the walls. Even that they lacked proper culture and they were not able to make any descent weaponry or so we thought. They had one huge advantage: Numbers. As I was walking on my way to pray to Gethoros the god of prosperity I heard a huge bang from the outside like roar of some huge beast. Then again only louder. I heard screaming and finally a massive explosion coming from the north. I started to run towards the direction as fast as I could pushing out all the civilians. Then I see something that froze the blood in my veins. A massive horde of barbarians approaching from the run down city gate. They had spread on the streets like caterpillars covering a tree. That looked like someone released hell's spawn and they tainted everything they touched. They killed and burned everything in their way. I turned away covering my face because of the smell of burning flesh. I stopped a solider running my way. "Stop there friend. What happened how did they managed to bring down our gate so quickly? ". The solider said with a shaking voice "I-I dont know.Th..They have this demon with them huge with black eyes like death. Run while there is still time!" I grabbed his shoulder as he was about to run for it pulling him back "What do you mean! We will have reinforcements from the other city here soon !" He stopped and looked at me his eyes full of terror " You have not been up on the city wall. You did not see what I seen. There is no end to them! Besides they caused wildfires there is no way anyone can get here from the..." A lone arrow had ended the poor fellows life I barely managed to cover myself from the rest with my shield. I started to run towards the Temple of Adiwitko to protected to what is my duty to protect as long as I can.

As I entered I seen the rest of the guards dead drunk with the sacred wine. " Men what in the name of Adiwitko is the meaning of this?! It is a time to fight and defend what is sacred not to preform sacrilege in the temple!!" One of the men got up and walked towards me finding it difficult to find balance."Well captain" he reeked of wine "let me tell you something that I wanted to tell you since the moment you arrived.We dont give a fu*k about this place. You act all high and mighty just because you are the captain. Well let me tell you a secret" he lowered his voice to a whisper but still loud enough so the rest can hear."You only got this job because no one else wanted to deal with this. This temple has always been a place that no one treated with respect." He waved around his hand showing all the drunk guards and smiled at me sly. " See no one cares. Now stop being a prick and for once to something meaningful and help us empty those fine wine jugs before the barbarians get their dirty hands on them." He shoved a jug into my hand and raised his own."For the glory of Adiwitko" He and the rest stared laughing. I smashed the jug on his head. the rest gasped in horror and stared to pick up their weapons. They were too drunk to fight and I had slaughtered them like cattle. I can still hear their screams in my sleep.Then I went to the entrance of the temple and I stood there in a battle stance my spear on my shield . Then a High Priestess came out ."How dare you spill blood here!!This ground is sacred!" I turned around answering coldly "I did what was necessary" The preistess shook her head and garbed my hand " It might had but you death is unnecessary. Come and escape the city with me protect me and you be forgiven" I pushed her away "I WILL NOT RUN AWAY PROTECTING THIS TEMPLE IS MY DUTY!! I WILL DIE PROTECTING IT!!" The priestess slapped me across the face " Your duty is to protect the holy priests here as well. If we all die no one will be able to tell the story of what happened here and our culture will die. I screamed in a range grabbed the priestess by her hand and made a run with her to the secret escape tunnel.

As well emerged from the darkness from the tunnel . I looked at the city. It's greatness has been consumed by fire and blood. This is the sight I never forget. From that day I swore that I will never lead undisciplined men and I train the greatest warriors anyone ever hear of. From that day I began to train slaves and forge them to great warriors. Most don't survive the training... I had called my stable Adiwitko to the memory of the god that I failed .

07-31-2013, 02:56 AM
Adiwitko the good of Wine and Lust.
Good name for a slave's stable :P.

09-12-2014, 09:58 PM
I think its too noble. I feel like the Pit Masters, being worshippers of the Blood Gods, are not noble - though they might have you killed for saying otherwise..