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Team Ziggler
11-01-2012, 02:16 AM

Whores a plenty, many drunken laughs and enough drink to bring any barrel-chested man to his knees. The Five-Legged Stallion has everything a man could want in a simple life. The smoky haze sits and waits, looming above the heads of the seated patrons, thick enough to brings tears to anyone brave enough to stand. Friends and familiars group together to speak of nights past and endeavors yet to be had. There is almost a constant clinking of glasses and click clack of dice on the gambling table. Deep and robust and laughter, waves of congratulations when a favorable pair fates itself the right side up. It was almost my turn to throw.

Recently, a sizeable purse found itself into my hands. As you might imagine, the usual work is abound. Hell, even old widows hire a hand for something as simple as clearing the cave rats out of the basement. Kill the Urken Clan leader, take a head or two, and you could find yourself waist deep in drink with a belly full of the finest the Stallion has to offer. The women treat you well, if you've the coin. Laying waste to a conclave of Dunder had filled my pocket nicely. Little did I know that would be my last job before that fateful day.

But as I stated, it was almost my turn to throw.

I took a few coins from my pouch, rubbed them lightly between my fingers for luck, and dropped them on the table. "Another taker have we?" said the dealer before tossing me a pair of dice. They both landed one. "Aha, Snake eyes. Quite foreboding, that is. Best of luck to ye!" I already didn't like this man. Maybe it was that damn green hat he was wearing, maybe it was the fact that he had no scars, no wounds. Nothing. Hes made his wealth from the labor of others. For whatever reason this struck a particular cord with me. I shrugged it off, and rolled the dice. Three pairs of double rolls and you triple your money. Its a fools bet, but any man with enough ale makes foolish decisions. The first roll came up good, double threes. Same with the second and third. Astonished with my new found luck and even larger purse, "A ROUND FOR EVERYONE!" I called out.

This caught the attention of the Mistress, and a few shady characters in the corner. Hours later, and hours more drunk, I staggered out of the good ol' Stallion and began meandering home.

11-01-2012, 03:17 AM
I quite like it so far Ziggler :D

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come on, come on then what:eek:

Team Ziggler
11-02-2012, 09:37 PM

The air was crisp, refreshing, almost bitter. Outside of the Stallion, I stood in the middle of the dirt road contemplating my new good fortune, and wondering if I could even make it home. The air was silent, and a slight cool breeze picked up an occasional wayward leaf that found its way to the ground. You could just start to make out the fog on your breath. Winter was on its way. Closing my eyes for a moment, I took a deep breath through my nostrils, flaring them slightly, trying to clear my head. I felt content for the first time in a long time. Plenty of coin, drunk, numb, happy. These were the simple times.

I stumbled a few steps, caught my balance and continued on. I had made it to where the Stallion was barely visible by the light streaming into the darkness, when my head began to spin like a top. I remember thinking to myself, "I hadn't really drank that much." Just about then is when the dirt came rushing at my face, and I lay there collapsed.

Team Ziggler
11-03-2012, 01:18 AM
Feel free to leave feedback if youre reading guys. A little motivation is always awesome.

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looool tl:dr

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Feel free to leave feedback if youre reading guys. A little motivation is always awesome.

It's shit. start again :P

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It's shit. start again :P

+1 for that:D

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Interesting, hope to see chapter 3 soon :)

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"Its shit start again"


I think its a good effort but my criticism is that it reads more like a free man than a slave. Or is this the Pit Master doing the gambling and not a slave? I like your writing style and it has a subtle humour to it while still being dynamic.