View Full Version : my gladiator needs help

07-19-2012, 03:33 AM
i have a theatrics gladiator that is losing way to often she is running a urkin trident and a bloody wall shield her stats are 81-62-76-74-59-75-67
she loses alot and i don't know why please help:(

Alba Kebab
07-20-2012, 12:00 AM
Stats not too shabby, would help if you let us know what strat you have him on.
I'll just ask the question and possibly the more experienced players can give you some pointers with more info.

Stablemaster Silverheart
10-13-2012, 03:08 PM
At first i used a trident for my theatrics glad..no shield though since he wasn't going to go defensive. The trouble with a shield is that sometimes you will shieldbash instead of doing a mainhand attack and shieldbashes afaik do very little damage. I would toss the shield and just use the trident or add a dagger or a claw to the offhand

I used an 8/6 rating for my trident and it worked very well. My suggestion would be the following:

Toss the shield unless your going defensive. if your going to make a defensive theatrics then you can stop reading now

set your fighting style as follow (For a trident and nothing else)

start off combat/standby Activity 8 Bloodlust 6. Lunge Aim anywhere defend anything (usually where your def is the lowest)
When opponent is on the ground. Activity 1 Bloodlust 10 (they usually get up fast but if they don't...WHAM!) aim Head defend anywhere
When im slightly tired/moderately tired Activity 2 Bloodlust 10 (hit less often but harder to conserve endurance) aim Head defend anywhere

hope this helps. Also works fine for a dual claws altough i changed the bloodlust to 8 for the strategy 1 slot for claws