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06-19-2012, 12:49 AM
You've been waiting for them, you've asked about them, you've wanted them and soon you'll have a chance to have them! ORANGE ITEMS! Legendary artifacts heard about in stories and heroic tales are being reforged and will soon bloody the sands in crowd pleasing waves of bone and gore! The first of these magical masterpieces will be seen awarded to the future champions of the Blood Games and the top Primus gladiators who prove themselves worthy! So fight hard, please the crowd and good luck in the pits!

To see how these legendary items have come to make their way back to the Great Realm, keep reading...

The ancient parchment looked too good to be true. He'd seen more fakes than he cared to count but still, something about this one piqued his interest. It wasn't the promise of riches, it was the strange sigil painted behind the faded lines of the map. While only a blacksmith, the big man was nobody's fool. His heart quickened at the thought of what it might mean but soon calm returned and he hoped his moment of excitement didn't betray him.

"What do you want for this?" the blacksmith asked as he looked down at the small Snivler who stood no taller than his thigh.

"This one's not for sale." The sound of his voice was high pitched and deliberately slow. "This is but a message..."

The blacksmith's eyes narrowed and his brow crumpled showing his distrust but he said nothing and instead waited. "Meet me in front of the entrance to the pits tonight and I promise it'll be worth your while." The blacksmith knew it was risky to trust a Snivler and even riskier to trust one in Jimmy's employ, but playing it safe didn't get him to where he was either...

The night air was warm and the stink of drunken men, death and whores filled the air as the screams from Jimmy's pits echoed down the narrow street. A tall, thin gangly man with a crooked grin and greasy black hair that stuck to one side of his face appeared from the shadows. Jimmy the Squid was a strange man, all smiles all the time, it just wasn't natural. He had a big hooked nose and a permanent sheen of sweat clinging to his jaundice skin. Nobody knew where Jimmy came from, who he was or what he was and having only met the man on a couple of occasions, he knew one time was more than enough. Jimmy placed a gnarled hand on the blacksmith's arm "Ah, my favorite blacksmith, thank you for coming on such short notice," a queer grin crawled its way across Jimmy's face as his top lip twitched involuntarily. "I've got something I'd like to show you."

Jimmy motioned for the big man to follow him into a nearby building and down a long flight of stairs. The blacksmith looked around and from the looks of things nobody had used the room for years. Jimmy took a seat on a nearby bench as the Snivler from earlier in the night appeared with a box covered in a black cloth. "This is for you," Jimmy said with that same creepy smile on his face. "you'll be needing this when you start working for me."
"I don't recall saying I'd work for you." replied the blacksmith shifting his massive weight uncomfortably to his other foot.
"Very true, but I make it my business to know things, and when you see what is under that cloth, you'll be asking me when you can start." Jimmy said with another one of his unnatural smiles and involuntary lip twitches.

The blacksmith knew he was playing a dangerous game getting into bed with The Squid but it was too late, Jimmy wasn't the kind of man who took no for an answer, if you did say no he would smile at you like he always does and tell you no problem and then a few days later you'd simply disappear never to be found. Staring at the cloth and dismissing one final thought of backing out the blacksmith lifted the black cover and removed the lid from the box. His eyes grew wide as he reached down and pulled out a massive hammer with beautiful scroll work etched into the handle and covered in runes. "Is this..." the blacksmith couldn't finish his sentence for fear he was right, or maybe for fear he was wrong.
"The Hammer of Dal'Dun." Jimmy said as he grinned and his lip twitched again. "You will use this hammer to help reforge the artifacts sundered apart by the Ancient Ones and in doing so help usher in a new dawn of blood and excitment that the Great Realm has never seen before!"

Team Ziggler
06-19-2012, 02:03 PM
brilliantly written.

06-20-2012, 01:58 AM
lol the squid is a queer never saw that coming