View Full Version : What determines when a gladiator gives up?

04-16-2012, 09:30 PM
Apparently getting his/her health reduced to 0 or below 0 is 100% surrender so I'm asking about the "white flag" conditions in case the gladiator has more than 0 health and is not going to bleed out to 0 health in the said round. The reason why I'm asking is because one of my two-handed fighters is losing in a very stupid manner lately, getting his opponent to 5-10% of his/her health and then starting to miss until the nearly beaten gladiator on the other side either brings him down with some big hit or scores several high bleeding criticals and wins due to the bleeding in a few rounds. Obviously the Rages are effectively "immune to surrender" due to Last Stand (which is a bit unfair by the way) but what about the other two classes? Does, for example, Grim Determination - if taken - works even if the said gladiator is actually losing the fight, not winning? Do any of the attributes come into play when the time comes to concede defeat? Or is it completely dice-roll-based?

04-20-2012, 06:32 AM
I think presence is involved ever since i raised it to 150 on one of my theatrics she gets "saved" or "surrenders" much soon like with 500 hit points left, its actually damned annoying she will have them down to 200 and she will have 400+ left and she is "saved/surrenders".