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04-03-2012, 12:56 PM
Hello guys,

Ever since I've started playing Pit of War (and that was like 2 weeks ago), I found myself in need of some other, similar browser game to waste some time on when i'm bored and out of energy/tokens. I am not much into all the 'build your city/castle/kingdom type of games, neither do I enjoy playing most arcade-y flash games.

Anyway, could anyone recommend a good browser game similar (though not necessarily) to Pit of War ?
I'm hoping for something that requires strategic thinking, some theorycrafting and possibly is free-to-play (not as in PAYTOWIN). Could be text-based or graphical. Oh, and i'm also into ccg's, so that could be an option as well.

I know of a few games worthy of attention, so if anyone's interested I can also suggest some games I play/used to play.

04-03-2012, 01:05 PM
I strongly recommand PATH TO PELANTAS : http://www.pelantas.com/

It's an arena game like PoW but team-based as you have 5 gladiators of your stable fighting each match, and similar in spirit to football team managing games like hattrick as you have to handle the morale of your warriors and select the best team for each match.

The tactical options you can set for each match offer less choice than in PoW, but there is events and quests that add a little medieval RPG flavor...

Rythm is very slow as there is only one match by week, so it's less addictive and time-consuming...

Last thing, it's totally Free to play and gold membership only offers confort tools but no advantage in game (this last point being the big commercial handicap of PoW in my opinion as it just cost too much to be competitive at the top level).

04-03-2012, 02:52 PM
Thanks for your suggestions.
I am currently checking Pelantas out, but it seems kind of confusing at first glance (as in the game is really complicated and the interface is unintuitive in the extreme).

I'd be most grateful for any other suggestions, in the meantime I've decided to share some of my own recommendations:

Shadow Era --> It's a very well designed online CCG. It is quite easy to get into, but there's a lot of in-depth mechanics and many strategies to come up with.
+ It's not an M:tG clone
+ The mechanic of acquiring Resources and Shadow Energy is a simple, yet effective solution for the tiresome mechanics of some other CCGs
+ There are many cards to play with
+ Balance
+ The idea of 'cookie-cutter' builds/decks is not so much present here (a big pain in M:tG)
+ card design and graphics
+ business model

- business model
- The pacing of the game is really atrocious (as in: grind for gold and crystals)
- Not much to do besides pvp
- Certain cards are restricted to a specific hero type/alignment (but again, it's a way of balancing the game)

Ugh, this took longer than expected. I should come back soon with some more recommendations :)