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03-23-2012, 10:10 PM
You Can Sneak Up On An Opponent With Your Weps Mainly I'd Recommend A Falchion And A Draconic Flail When Able To Have 2 Fight Strategies. Falchion Needs To Be In Main While Draconic Flail In Off-Hand. Heres Skill. Should Be 1. Start Of Fight / Standby,10,Slash,Head,Torso,10. 2.Opponent Is Stunned,10,Slash,Torso,Head. Also Need Gear From Advancing Tutorial. Heres What To Wear. Leather Cap,Sturdy Chain Mail Arm Guard,Boiled Leather Sleeve,Strong Padded Leather Chestpiece,Studded Leather Legging,Boiled Leather Legging. In Skills First Use 10 On Brute Force Then 10 On Called Shot Brute Force Is In Rage Section Called Shot Is In Theatrics. Thats All I Can Tell Everyone Today I Need More To Discover Hope This Will Help Everyone And Have A Good Day.:)