View Full Version : Dear Mr. Nighttrain,

01-10-2011, 01:10 PM
Dear Mr. Nighttrain,

Thank you for bringing little Nighttrain, Jr. over to the Arena this morning for a few pointers on Pit Fighting. I hope I was not too rough on him, and didn't scare him away from his dreams of one day becoming a real Gladiator, like myself.

It's a hard life in the Arena, and your boy will definitely need some conditioning and training before he's ready to spar with the valiant heroes from my stable. But, if his excitement level stays where it is right now, he should be ready for his next lesson in no time.

I appologize for falling asleep on him during his lesson today, but I was up late last night fighting real Gladiators. I did leave him with 1 health point, as a gift...I hope he can find a use for it.

Give my regards to Mrs. Nighttrain.

Professor Iskandur.